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Was contacted recently by Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed. Founder & Secretary of ‘Consumer Rights and No Tolls’

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Consumer Rights No Tolls


For every litre of fuel you pay 38.6 cents in excise duty, PLUS 10% GST to government.  So for a litre of petrol at $1.40, you are paying 53 cents – more than a third of the cost –  in tax!  This is on top of the money we pay in registration, licencing, and other fees!  The NRMA has calculated that of the money raised – supposedly “for roads and infrastructure” – barely 25% is actually spent on roads, the rest goes into general revenue!  So when the LNP or the ALP cry ‘poor’ saying there is not enough money to fund our roads and we have to pay tolls – THEY ARE LYING!

Logan Motorway – original cost $140 million, completed in 1988 (27 years ago). With > 51 million tolled transactions each year Qld Motorways, (a private company), is raking in over $400 million EACH YEAR – for a road that only cost $140 million in the first place!!

Gateway Bridge – original cost $183 million, completed in 1986 (29 years ago).  With > 38 million tolled trips every year Qld Motorways, (a private company), is getting over $380 million EACH YEAR  – for a road that only cost $183 million in the first place!!



We will ….

#  End Tolls on roads, and keep our roads and bridges in public ownership – our first priority being the removal of tolls on the Logan and Gateway motorways.

#  Abolish Credit Card Surcharge Fees – stop companies such as hotels, airlines, Telstra, etc. from charging extra if you pay by credit card.

Force Multinational Corporations to Pay Their FAIR SHARE of Tax – ordinary Australians pay ~ 30% tax, while big companies get away with paying as little as 1% tax on their profits.

End Financial ‘Donations’ to Political Parties and Cut Politician’s Salaries & Perks – It is obscene that the Premier earns almost as much as the US president ($380,000 pa), and a ‘normal’ MP over $150,000 per year!

Reduce Congestion on our roads with better public transport and by encouraging more motorcycles and more bicycle paths.

#  Protect & Strengthen the ABC – maintain our independent media voice.

Protect our Civil Liberties & Free Independent Internet, and encourage participatory democracy by holding referendums on important social issues.

Keep Essential Services in Public Hands – power, water, & roads.

Strengthen Animal Welfare laws and enforcement by adopting the RSPCA’s ‘model Animal Care and Protection Act‘, and end all forms of animal cruelty.

Deposit Scheme for Bottles & Cans to reduce litter and encourage recycling.

Re-Forest Qld.  Reduce our carbon emissions by planting trees and re-building our hardwood forest industry –  NOT by charging a carbon tax!

Authorised by J.D. Hodges, 77 Flaxton Mill Road, Flaxton. 4560 for Consumer Rights & No-Tolls



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  1. spot on


  2. Links to Jeffrey Hodges B.Sc. M.Sc.(Hons) B.Ed. Founder & Secretary of ‘Consumer Rights and No Tolls’

    No Tolls, No Sell-Offs
    End ALL Tolls on Queensland Roads


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