We Don’t want an Adult Vaccination Register in Australia

Vacc Adult

In the May budget, Tony Abbott announced that we are going to expand our current childhood vaccination register into an adult register, starting in September 2016. Are we going to have so many new vaccinations for adults that we need a register to keep track of these things? Are pensions, tax returns and other types government support going to become dependent on having ALL the recommended vaccines?

Won’t happen? Well it’s already being done ……

Childhood vaccination used to be recommended but voluntary, much like adult vaccination is at the moment. Then in 1994 the childhood register was introduced to ‘monitor and improve’ vaccination rates. Vaccination was incentivised with the $250 Maternity Immunisation Allowance. Later this was changed to Family Tax Benefit part A supplement, worth over $2100. All this, while the number of vaccines required increased.

Now Abbott is going to abolish your right to conscientious objection and religious objection to all the vaccines currently on the immunisation schedule and ALL FUTURE ONES. This is an important point, as this does not just take away our right if we do not agree with current vaccinations but all future ones that the government chooses. The Australian Medical Association President, Brian Owler said ‘they would closely monitor if the new (No Jab No Pay) measures have a significant impact and may even advocate for stricter national rules, like mandatory vaccinations to attend school in the future’.http://www.news.com.au/national/baby-rileys-parents-welcome-governments-move-to-close-loophole-for-vaccine-refusers/story-fncynjr2-1227300692791#

Such forceful action must be in response to major problem. Right ?

Childhood vaccination rates are the highest in our history. The 2 year old cohort is currently at 91%. Contrast this where vaccination rates for 2 years old were 89% in 2003, 73 % in 1999 and an estimated 53% in the 1980’s. (Sources: Australian Childhood Immunisation Register & Australian Bureau of Statistics)

Let me tell you where the problem is?

In 1986, the United States passed a law that stopped any pharmaceutical company from being sued for any adverse outcome from their vaccines. Instead a tax was put on every vaccine and this is used to compensate adverse vaccine reactions. Contrast this for example, with the fines and compensation paid out by Merck for Vioxx (See figures from link – Vioxx Lawsuit – How to File, Settlements & Assistance for Your Claim www.drugwatch.com/vioxx/lawsuit/

So from a business point of view, vaccines are a very lucrative product line. From here we have seen an explosion in medical products delivered through the vaccine model. There are over 250 new vaccines in development. http://www.phrma.org/sites/default/files/pdf/Vaccines_2013.pdf

The adult vaccination market is a hugely untapped market. Only about a 30% uptake. But the market is estimated to be $100 billion by 2025. ( check figures here – http://lifescienceinvestingnews.com/1866-global-vaccine-mar

With the enormous financial interests involved in the development and marketing of drugs and medical devices, government policy is being manipulated to favour needs of the industry over that of the patient / public. A recent study concluded that “to serve its interests, the (medical and pharmaceutical) industry masterfully influences evidence-base production, evidence synthesis, understanding of harms issues, cost-effectiveness evaluations, clinical practice guidelines and healthcare professional education and also exerts direct influences on professional decisions and health consumers.” . ‘(Undue industry influence that distorts healthcare research, strategy, expenditure and practice http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23521369)

However, in Australia we don’t have have a vaccine injury compensation scheme. Instead, if vaccines are coerced just short of the point of being compulsory – then the consequences fall to the individual (that is, their affected health and the pursuit of legal redress).

What if the Australian government made the product compulsory in every way but name!?!? No marketing costs. No liability. How do they do this? Take the rights away from the people to choose what goes into their bodies now and into the future. This has already started with some professions mandating vaccines for employment – but you could always choose not to pursue that employment (if you can afford to)! It is a slippery slope that we are already on and this process of adult vaccine coercion all starts with ‘monitoring’ vaccine coverage using the Adult Vaccination Register.

This affects all Australians! We need to stand up and fight for our rights to have control over our bodies! We need to take action and now! Sign this petition. Share it widely. Write to your MP. The only right that can be removed are the ones you let be taken away!

Note: This petition does not meet parliamentary requirements. To send Tony Abbott and his ’team’ a ‘strong’ message that this is unpopular, we need BIG numbers.


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