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It seems we aren’t very good at covering our tracks online. Photo: iStock

According to a recent Hotels.com survey, one in ten Australians has been caught out for ‘pulling a sickie’ by giving themselves away with social media posts or tags.

Over a third of us admitting to calling in sick while in fact just taking a day off, it is not surprising they’ve been caught red-handed. Our friends, family and colleagues were the biggest traitors, with 36 per cent accidently exposing our truancy to our bosses. Eighteen per cent of our colleagues had the audacity of intentionally reporting it, while, somewhat startlingly, 14 per cent of us felt so guilty we actually confessed to the sickie ourselves!

Overall though, only 5 per cent said they were unfortunate enough to be busted by their actual employer.

But it’s not just holidays that are tempting us to tell a white lie. Over a third of Australians admitted to pulling a sickie due to being stressed out at work and wanting a bit of mental downtime.

“We’re all guilty of pulling a sickie here and there and it turns out that for Aussies, it’s mostly so we can recharge our batteries” said Katherine Cole, Hotels.com’s Regional Director, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore.

For those chucking a sickie to take a holiday, 63 per cent take a break locally, while 36 per cent prefer to flee the scene of the crime and travel interstate or even internationally.

Gen-Yers are the age group most likely to play truant with 44 per cent of Aussies aged 25-34 admitting to taking a sickie.

Victoria is the nation’s most guilty state with 39 per cent of its residents admitting to pulling a sickie, compared to only 12 per cent of Tassie residents.


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  1. Thx to Winston Smith for this Article – Mick Raven


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