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Heard this on ABC Radio this morning, Barrister Bob Myers (the family friend who in April 2005 asked the AFP to stop Scott Rush, one of the Bali 9 from travelling to Indonesia) said that the AFP told him that one or two of the Bali 9 would die(at 3.55 min )

( sounds like pre-meditated murder? ) listen to the interview he gave on ABC Radio this morning – Mick Raven

Full Story

There’s no justification for AFP’s actions, says lawyer who contacted AFP in attempt to warn Bali Nine member Scott Rush in 2005

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The Australian Federal Police will finally break its silence this morning about its role in the Bali Nine investigation,
amid mounting criticism in the wake of the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

In 2005, Brisbane barrister Bob Myers rang an AFP contact to have Bali Nine member Scott Rush intercepted before he left the country.

Instead, the AFP tipped off their Indonesian counterparts to the whole operation, resulting in the arrest of all nine drug mules in Bali.

Chan and Sukumaran faced an Indonesian firing squad in the early hours of last Wednesday morning.

Lawyer Bob Myers speaks to ABC NewsRadio’s Sandy Aloisi from Brisbane.


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  1. Interesting Interview in 2006 with the Police officer in charge of the Bali 9 Investigation – Mick Raven
    Australian Story – Interview with Mike Phelan, AFP


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