Poll Backfires on Murdoch’s Pro-Vaccine Agenda

Real News Australia

Vaccine pusher Rupert Murdoch’s own media outlet gloats about high percentage of parents wanting Mandatory Vaccines for Children when the poll in the very article talking about it shows the complete opposite!

By General Maddox

A war is currently being fought by the anti-vaccine movement to protect and preserve your freedom to make an informed choice on vaccinations. Particularly the issue on forced childhood vaccinations.

Leading the onslaught is Rupert Murdoch and his trove of tabloid papers and news outlets. What his media empire won’t reveal is his and his family’s heavy ties to the pharmaceutical industry. It’s blatantly obvious as to why he pushes for forced vaccinations. Money.

However, In a stunning show of Orwellian Doublespeak The Daily Telegraph, a Murdoch owned media outlet, published an article titled Galaxy Poll: 86 per cent of Australians want childhood vaccinations to be compulsory. The article includes their own poll for…

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