Journalists and whistleblowers will go to jail under new national security laws – The Guardian

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There was no concerted campaign, no unified push by the media to stop this bill, which dramatically expands the powers of intelligence agencies while creating new offences for disclosing information about their operations

By Paul Farrell

The Guardian

Journalists will be jailed. It might take a year, or two, or even longer. But journalists and whistleblowers will face prison as a result of the first tranche of national security legislation that was passed in the Senate late on Thursday.

And they laughed as they did it. As the Coalition, Labor and the Palmer United party voted in favour of this bill, which dramatically expands the powers of intelligence agencies while creating new offences for disclosing information about the operations they will undertake with these new powers, there was a jovial air in the chamber.

It’s a bill that makes many broad changes to our intelligence gathering apparatus. It introduces a…

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  1. Hard to comment on news 4 months old (truth is I didn’t see it at the time either). Plenty to comment about though. If this doesn’t get replies happening then Australians are dead in the head. What is the point of introducing laws that only help those in power stay in power? Conspiracyoz had a story recently regarding Police shootings in Aus. I commented that at least it wasn’t as bad here as in the US of A. If only people would look at the alternative media (Internet, while it lasts), to see the real world in action. The amount of innocents killed by their police is unbelievable. And they don’t get in trouble. Guess what will happen here. From Swat raids on the wrong houses (so much for their intelligence services), to minor traffic offences, it’s shoot, shoot, shoot first. Kids in cots getting a surprise pillow (stun grenade) and still no one to blame but the public.
    Get ready Australia, it will happen here.
    To be honest though, I have only met one police officer that came across as arrogant, smart arse and thought he was better than joe public (have met quite a few in my 50 years or so) so obviously the threat level is small. But it is there, even more so now with these new draconian laws. We might have, as Alex jones says often, 90% or more in the police force and other security agencies that actuall have morals and only want to do what is lawful, but in the end they still have to do what their told for the sake of a job (survival) and if they are told to do something bad they probably will (I mean who can they complain to). With all that is happening in the world today, from vaccines, big pharma, gmo’s, chemtrails, global warming, fluoride, wars and terrorism all proven to be false, it goes to show anyone with half a brain, that laws that are made to protect people don’t work. If any in the intelligence community actually cared about the law and the people’s of their countries that they signed up to protect, they would have the upper hand to arrest those abusing the system and save all of us. Remember the 90%. Lets work together to stop this from going any further towards oblivion. I imagine a world where journalists can actually let people know the truth without being victimised and also joe average (which all citizens are, regardless of job) can have a say on illegal activities without threat of jail. Only through investigating can we get to the truth. Innocent til proven guilty should work for all. Not shut up and do as your told. Sorry for this waffle and hope it makes sense, but one more thing. Has anyone read the US constitution and bill of rights? These are the most amazing documents that actually cover and should have stopped any if not all of the worlds trouble before any of it started. It is supposed to protect everyone and states that Americans have a lawful right to remove those in power, with force if needed, to continue freedom. So if law works the way we are led to believe, how has it gotten to this point if corruption from the top doesn’t happen. By the way, our attorney general, Brandis, stated that Australia will never have a constitution. He said this on Q&A. So much for looking after the people. I really don’t think they care, do you?


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