MSM Finally Starts Talking About the Poisons We’re All Exposed to Including Fluoride

Real News Australia

Neurotoxicants, Carcinogens and you!

By General Maddox. 

(Real News Australia) Independent studies from scientists around the world have been screaming out for years about the poisons we’re exposed to on a daily basis. But they’ve those screams have fallen on deaf ears. The toxic substances we come in contact with in our day to day lives are slowly poisoning us and naturopaths, homeopaths, dieticians and the alternative media have all been covering it and advising us on how to avoid them for many years now. Unfortunately most people don’t go to a naturopath or a homeopath or even bother to look for an alternative to the main stream media.

Well, we’re in luck. Every now and again a nugget of truth makes its way to the corporate controlled media and in front of millions of people around the world.

Recently, CNN published a piece called “Putting the next generation…

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  1. South Canterbury Sky Watch

    Hey fellow Human Beings, be sure to READ this article. Its been a long time coming but people are awakening and this should get their eyes wide open, like dinner plates.


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