The Gloves are off Ppl – ConspiracyOz

LORDE is lying about her age.

Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

The US government concocted the September 11 terrorist plot.

What if … all of it was true?

Well, it’s not. But there are plenty of believers out there.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new. As Tim Mendham from the pro-science Australian Skeptics group told,

some 130 years ago there was a popular theory that a cabal of Zionists controlled the world.

But now, because of electronic mass media, the rumours spread faster than ever. has taken a look at some of the new theories that have caught on – as well as a few old ones that have come alive again.

Most of them have one thing in common As Mr Mendham explains, many theories are perpetrated because of an aggressive mistrust of people and things –

particularly of the Government or institutions many of us tend to give the benefit of the doubt.

“Most people actually have trust…” Mr Mendham said. When your friends make mistakes or do something stupid, you still tend to trust them. “You give them leeway.”


'No way Lorde is 16 or 17 or whatever though': a tweet from a Lorde truther...

‘No way Lorde is 16 or 17 or whatever though’: a tweet from a Lorde truther. Picture: Supplied Source: NewsComAu

The claim: Lorde couldn’t be 17 because she (choose one) looks older/is too intelligent/too successful/too precocious

The response: “Hi, I’m Ella,” Lorde said in a Vanity Fair interview, “And I’m actually 45.”

She was kidding. But the internet rumour mill has spun so far out of control about her age someone actually did the hard yards and paid for a printout of her birth registration form.

The result: her date of birth is 7 November 1996. She is still 17.


A Corby truther's tweet. Picture...

A Corby truther’s tweet. Picture: Twitter Source: NewsComAu

The claim: Schapelle is innocent and was framed by… (the government/politicians/the media)

The response: Schapelle always maintained her innocence in the boogie board scandal but she was convicted by an Indonesian court in May 2005.

The actor who plays Corby in the upcoming Nine Network telemovie, Krew Boylan, told Fairfax she had been bombarded by claims of conspiracy since she took up the role.

“Often the person behind the name (wasn’t) really anyone – no one’s following them, they’re not following anyone,” she said.

“It was all very confusing. I don’t read it now and don’t get involved.”


Obama 'birther' Orly Taitz speaks to the media with an absurdly large pl...

Obama ‘birther’ Orly Taitz speaks to the media with an absurdly large placard. Picture: AP Source: AP

The claim: Barack Obama lied about being born in the United States

The response: Dead …

Picture: White House

Picture: White House Source: Supplied

… And buried.

The President released his birth certificate after Donald Trump insisted it be released.

The President released his birth certificate after Donald Trump insisted it be released. Source: NewsComAu


The claim: The Government is controlling people with chemicals that were poured in the sky by aeroplanes

The response:


The claim: Building 7 of the World Trade Centre was a controlled demolition.

The response: The US National Institute of Standards and Technology launched a formal study into the collapse of the building.

The report said: WTC 7 was unlike the WTC towers in many respects. WTC 7 was a more typical tall building in the design of its structural system. It was not struck by an aircraft.

The collapse of WTC 7 was caused by a single initiating event – the failure of a northeast building column brought on by fire-induced damage to the adjacent flooring system and connections – which stands in contrast to the WTC 1 and WTC 2 failures, which were brought on by multiple factors, including structural damage caused by the aircraft impact, extensive dislodgement of the sprayed fire-resistive materials or fireproofing in the impacted region, and a weakening of the steel structures created by the fires.

Despite that, it’s unlikely this idea – about one of the defining events of our age – will ever die.

That’s the thing with conspiracy theories. “They’re very hard to kill off,” said Mendham. But if you make an extraordinary claim, he added, you should have some pretty big facts to back you up.

* Also defined by a likely truther on the same website as “One who is not blind and ignorant”.

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  1. No 1. Lorde.
    Who cares!
    No 2.
    I haven’t seen it yet but someone I know was watching it and nearly thru his phone thru wall after only 18min.
    No 3. Obama. ( I cringe just writing his name )
    As far as I know the Sherriffs Posse? Still says its false. These people are trusted to do a lawful job so I know who I’m banking on.
    No 4. Dr Karl. Supports climate change. Can’t read past Wikipedia. But in his defence Dr David Bellamy lost any work he had with BBC after saying he didn’t agree with global warming/climate change. Job over truth? Who would have thought?
    No 5. Building SE7EN.
    One Government Office ( really independent ) says its official version is the only way it happened and yet hundreds of other institutions/investigators look at evidence and have a different opinion. And yet up until that disgusting day in 2001, these same people were believed in in their chosen fields. Why would they lie. They need people’s trust to be able to keep working.
    So if the gloves are off ppl, why don’t we take a stand. Any ideas.
    Another theory is our constitution and government. Isn’t their something we can get together on enough to believe it will work.


  2. Anenome Ofglobalgov

    There can never ever be a conspiracy, got that idiots? After JFK was assassinated (infull view as a warning to future presidents to conform or else….), once the initial shock had passed, the public started realising the official story did not gel ie dared to question. V quickly the (CIA) order went out through the corporate controlled media to cut off all discussion by ridiculing the messenger with the combined words “Conspiracy Theory”, to repeat this term ad finitum so that the brain neurons of we, the people would be wired to automatically connect the two words like Pavlov’s dogs (food-salivate). This came from the Tavistock Instute world lie-factory. How brilliantly that worked and a zombified public cannot comprehend that there can ever be Conspiracy Fact. Unplug from the matrix, you are thinking, you are being thought. FACT: THE GLOBE HAS NOT WARMED NOW FOR 17 YEARS. FACT: Not 97% of scientists believe global warming (not) was caused by man as claimed by the UNIPCC, only 0.3% of the scientific papers believed this, the rest was disinformation of data on behalf of their paying masters, Rockefeller/Al Gore and their evil organisation, The Club of Rome et al.


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