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January 24, 2014

Australia Day needs new date, say Greens

Australia Day should be moved to the date a republic is declared, says Greens leader Christine Milne.

Senator Milne has reiterated a longstanding Green policy to change the date from January 26.

She says Australians want to celebrate the good things about their country without offending Aboriginal people, who have dubbed the day Invasion Day.

“We would like to see that change,” Senator Milne told reporters in Hobart.

“There would an opportunity to do that if Australia was to become a republic.

“That would provide an opportunity to change the date and reframe the day.”

Former Greens leader Bob Brown will be among the speakers when the Tasmanian Aboriginal community rallies in Hobart on Sunday calling for a new date for the national celebration.

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  1. Perhaps ‘Australia Day’ could be renamed ‘Green Day’

    Definition from….

    What is the meaning of Green Day?

    It’s a day spent lazing around at home smoking pot and doing nothing.

    Lol – Mick Raven (they might get a few more ‘Green’ votes… ha!


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