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Motorcycle cop stretches his leg while riding – same offence which led to another man being fined


QUEENSLAND Police have been accused of failing to lead by example after this officer was snapped stretching his leg while riding his motorcycle – two weeks after a civilian rider was fined $146 for doing the same.

Sean White captured the image with his dashboard-mounted video camera while driving his van on the Ipswich Motorway on Wednesday around 7.45am.

In a Facebook post, Mr White compared the incident to the January 6 booking of Jake Sloman who was pulled over by police on the Logan Motorway and fined, for “taking his foot off the footrest” while riding.

“Good to see the QPS leading by example,” Mr White quipped.

Mr Sloman’s fine sparked a wave of criticism and complaints on social media, resulting in Police Commissioner Ian Stewart conceding he also sometimes stretched his legs while riding.

Motorcycle cop with foot off peg

This motorcycle policeman was snapped on the Ipswich Motorway on Wednesday, January 22 stretching his leg off the foot rest.

The Courier-Mail has sought a response to Mr White’s image from the Queensland Police Service.

Jake Sloman was riding along the Logan Motorway on January 6. when he stretched his leg.

Police pulled him over and fined him $146. The offence? “Fail to keep both feet on footrest”.

The fine caused outrage on Twitter and on Sloman’s Facebook page, with people saying taking this particular road rule to the letter would mean almost every motorcycle rider would be liable to be fined.

Jake Sloman ticket

Jake Sloman had a leg stretched out just like this on a motorway when police fined him $146. Picture: Facebook.

Mr Sloman told that he was 20 minutes into his ride from the Gold Coast to Logan for work that Monday morning when he stretched his leg on the motorway.

“You could see it was a cop car in front of me but I didn’t even think of it,” he said.

“They were in the right hand lane and pulled over, I’ve gone past them and they pulled back in behind me, pulled me over and basically told me they were booking me for taking feet off a footrest.”

He said he tried to explain he was just stretching his leg but was still hit with the fine.

“I’ve never heard of anyone else being done for taking their leg off for a second… I could understand it if I was riding along with my hands off the handlebars and something ridiculous but having stretch is a bit far.”

He said even though he knew other bike riders did the same thing, he did not intend to contest the fine.

“I don’t have the time or money – it would probably cost me more if I do lose,” Mr Sloman said.

The man’s fine came after another motorist was fined for having his window down “three to four centimetres”. The fine caused a backlash among The Courier-Mail readers.


Shock ticket

Public backlash after a Brisbane father was fined for leaving his parked car window down, only slightly, on a scorching hot day.


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  1. So where is the CRIME…? Where is the injured party/corpus delecti…?
    People are so over their ridiculous bs to simply raise revenue and rape & pillage by deceitful contract bs legislation which is not law at all – there is only ONE Law, yet most cannot see through the veil yet…


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