Trials for Medicinal Cannabis in Australia on the Horizon?

Real News Australia

By General Maddox.
(RealNewsAustralia) There’s a lot of buzz of late regarding one of the worlds most controversial plants. Hemp, Marijuana, Pot, Cannabis… we know plenty of names it goes by but what many of us don’t know is that there’s a whole host of suppressed information about this plant that has the potential to help millions of people around the world.

In a recent interview with LNP backbencher Jason Woodforth I asked him what his motivations were for rallying support from his colleagues to push for a trial on medicinal cannabis here in Queensland, Australia. “Well it’s a bumpy road with no guarantees but we need to keep chipping away at it so we can get medicinal cannabis trials going”, he said.

Mr Woodforth is prepared to do everything he can to garner support. “I’ll hang my re-election campaign on this. It’s that important” he said.

One of the…

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