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Just what is it exactly that’s holding the “Climate Alarmists” argument together?
Image credit: Mick Horne Freelance Cartoonist.
By General Maddox.
(RealNewsAustralia) Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard famously lied to the people of Australia and slipped into power on the back of her quote, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead” to which she quickly set about putting one in place. Now more recently our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott gained a large chunk of votes to secure a win for his party in the 2013 election on yet more rhetoric promising to repeal the carbon tax if he gets the top job. Not only has this not been done but it now looks like it won’t happen at all.

That’s right folks, in one form or another the carbon tax is here to stay.

With the Greens and Labor holding the…

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