Abbotts new energy white-paper to consider nuclear power

Real News Australia

By Giles Parkinson.
The Abbott government is to consider the possibility of introducing nuclear power into Australia, in particular small modular reactors, as part of its new energy white paper.

An issues paper released by Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane on Tuesday notes that slow development in carbon capture and storage, and difficulties with hydro, means that nuclear technologies continue “to present an option for future reliable energy that can be readily dispatched into the market.”

It also says: “A growing area of global interest is in the use of small modular reactors, which have the potential to reduce the cost uncertainties and construction timeframes associated with current generation reactor designs.

“These reactors could be factory built, highly standardised and even used in locations without advanced infrastructure. The smaller size of the reactors may allow for more flexible deployment, making nuclear electricity available to isolated areas or countries with small…

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  1. If we allow this to happen here thx to the Ppl who killed Coal, Then we deserve to have the Nuclear Waste dumped here, because thats what comes next, America and Europe not to mention China want to dump their waste here and by the way Kakadu just had 1000 litres of Radioactive waste spilled there, Read that any where in the News? mmmm


  2. Woops I mean 1.000,000 litres hehe


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