Second Release of Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Documents

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By Wikileaks.
On 13 November 2013 WikiLeaks released the draft text of the crucial Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Intellectual Property chapter during the lead-up to a TPP chief negotiators’ meeting in Salt Lake City on 19-24 November 2013. Today, 9 December 2013, WikiLeaks has released two more secret TPP documents that show the state of negotiations as the twelve TPP countries began supposedly final negotiations at a trade ministers’ meeting in Singapore this week.

One document describes deep divisions between the United States and other nations, and “great pressure” being exerted by the US negotiators to move other nations to their position. The other document lists, country-by-country, the many areas of disagreement remaining. It covers intellectual property and thirteen other chapters of the draft agreement. This suggests that the TPP negotiations can only be concluded if the Asia-Pacific countries back down on key national interest issues, otherwise the treaty will…

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  1. Tony Abbott said this regarding the TPP – ‘There’s always ‘horse trading’ in these negotiations,but in the end…everyone is better off.’
    Wikileaks has been engaging in a great deal of ‘show and tell’ on this issue,but lets take a peek at what Wikipedia says about ‘horse trading’-

    ‘In the original sense,horse trading is the buying and selling of horses.Due to the difficulties in evaluating the merits of a horse offered for sale,the selling of horses offered great opportunity for DISHONESTY.It was expected that horse sellers would capitalize on these opportunities and so those who dealt in horses gained a reputation for UNDERHANDED BUSINESS PRACTICES.As standards for ethical business declined in the U.S. in the gilded age,the activities of horse traders came increasingly to be seen as the natural,and,in part, desirable product of a competitive market rather than as symptoms of the moral depravity of horse traders.’

    Holy crapola! Tony put a horses hoof in his mouth with that little gem,only it went straight over most of our heads at the time and cantered into oblivion.I can tell you that Tony Abbot
    is no horse whisperer,based on what I’ve seen of his ‘negotiating prowess’,and Kevin 07 would have been thinking of ‘the rough end of a pineapple’ in his negotiations on the matter.

    The more I think about it,the more obvious it becomes that the ‘horse traders’ of old,who were seemingly responsible (partly at least)for the rise of global capitalism,set down fundamental trading practices that became the guidelines and eventual blueprint for modern
    day horse traders dealing in trojan horses.


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