Australia – New World Order Minion

Edwin Dash
Independent Journalist

August 27, 2013


The mainstream Media is winning the New World Order battle here in Oz and it makes me nauseous to listen or watch our network minions deliver the daily propaganda. At least in the US I can see a fight as patriots, libertarians and constitutionalists rally around a ‘document’ and independent media icons such as Alex Jones and crew. While we have a few lovers of liberty fighting the good fight (like Syrian Girl) we are definitely thin on the ground and need to grow our numbers…a lot!

My own efforts have been dedicated to this task for the past couple of years however inconsequential and ineffective they seem. As the vast majority of Aussies almost beg our government to be vaccinated, fluoridated and media-tained to death it mostly makes the process of waking people up too overwhelming. Unfortunately the social ‘DNA of the average Aussie makes us susceptible to the progressive, apologist and politically correct rhetoric that I believe will ultimately see them cheer on the collectivist New World Order. That is until the fascist collectivist policies begin to affect them personally…then you will hear their cries of injustice across the Pacific once all property and human rights are ripped from them.

Unlike America, the very thought of revolution in Australia or standing against authoritarianism is a part of our national psyche that has been carefully and successfully undermined. The Australian Government has and continues to degrade our civil liberties and human rights and this really began with disarming our population via what some consider a well orchestrated false flag event in 1996. Other authoritarian laws are ready to be passed such as the anti-association law which prohibits individuals or groups meeting. The Government deceives the people by referring to this law as the Anti-Bikie Law but the actual term is ‘anti-association’ and can be used on any Australian citizen ‘not just bikies’ once enacted.

As in America our Major political parties have morphed into irrelevant cesspools of corruption and hot air that treat the electorate with contempt and disdain. Australia has been transformed from a proud united country to a multi-cultural, politically correct divided group of minority interests happy to tear the country apart. This of course has been the plan all along and I believe Australia has been a wonderful playground and social lab for the New World Order elite particularly for the issues of water fluoridation, vaccination, disarmament, Agenda 21 and the Carbon Emissions Tax .

Agenda 21 is I believe much further along than the US and many of our government departments already refer to the New World Order in policy documentation within the public service. Property rights and land ownership has already been removed in a couple of our States and as you would expect the people have no clue these laws were passed by stealth through late night sittings of State Parliament.

At the moment it pains me to say that ‘ as a people’ we have been transformed into a narcissistic Godless bunch that see Obama as a shining light. Essentially we have abdicated from the political process and must suffer the consequences. Our complacency has allowed media, politicians and vested interests control the agenda for their own ends.

My gravest concern as an Australian Independent journalist is my country’s complicity in the Obama Administration’s stance on the Syrian situation which I believe has the potential to escalate into WWIII. As many of you may be aware Australia has been appointed president of the UN Security Council from September 1, and will lead the international debate on the worsening Syrian crisis. Our role in this debacle and Obama Farce is unforgivable and I can only hope and pray Americans unite to impeach Obama for not only this unwarranted provocation but for all other crimes committed while in Office. His alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood will hopefully be brought to light in time before his plans to plunge the world into chaos and destruction succeed.

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  1. Have to agree 100% Ed. What we need is someone we can follow. Someone who tells it how it is but can appeal to the masses by not just speaking about “conspiracies” but the truth of what we do and still could have if we go a different direction, away from so-called new world order. I have emailed once or twice to con oz about this but I have the problem of my balls not dropping enough for me to talk about these things. For the 99% to at least listen we have to show them what would be gained. Growth in jobs, education that works, food and air that doesn’t poison, reliable transport and a medical system that can be trusted. I imagine the day when politicians actually work for the rights of the people. That’s a day when we might all shed a tear of joy knowing that it all worked out.
    To all those that can speak out, speak loud and speak proud. Good luck.


  2. Check out The person you speak of Greeny is Brian
    Shaw,and we all need to regain the wheel by giving voice to support his legal efforts,
    and awaken those around us to the fact that Julia Gillard,John Howard,Quentin Bryce,
    and a raft of other politicians,judges,gov generals,dpp’s,lawyers and even a pastor,
    have been charged with TREASON,amongst various lesser charges applying to certain
    individuals on the list of 54 defendants to date! This mans knowledge of constitutional
    law is astounding,he’s no slouch on the Bible either(in realtion to the constitution and
    world affairs),as well as freemasonry and its esoteric influence that continues unabated
    upon humanity.Wake Up Aussie! – as Brian would say.Who better to represent the
    Australian people,than a Werribee farmer with Christian values,trailblazing for truth and
    justice in holding the above accountable,by upholding the constitution.


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