The 3 Ugly Sisters – Paving The Way For Australia’s Collapse

Real News Australia

By Carol-Ann Edwards.
Contributing writer for Real News Australia.

This is a tale of 3 Ugly Sisters being woven into our lives to create an economic crisis greater than the Great Depression. Each ugly sister has a role to foster the crisis and then use it to advantage thereby changing our lives dramatically. The 3 ugly sisters are made to seem harmless, even desirable with the magical make-over that only the mainstream news and entertainment media can provide.

Ugly Sister 1: Miss Derivatives

Affectionately known as “Bubble” or The Crash Kid.

Favourite saying:                Derivatives Bubble coming to a Bail-In near you very soon.

Belief: All bank profits are privately owned and all bank losses are publicly owned.

Active: In Australia, USA, UK, Canada, NZ, European Union….heck, bubbles float everywhere.

Debut onto Society: Due in less than two years; unless halted or interfered with by commoners.

Hero: George W…

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