Snapchat Rejects $3b Offer by NSA/CIA (Facebook)

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Why all the interest in these internet start-ups? Intelligence gathering perhaps?

By General Maddox.
The I.T world was shocked to see yet another rejection by 23 year old Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, to sell the two year old App to social media giant Facebook Inc. The US$3b offer was turned down and no official statement has been made as to why. Speculation by the industry is that Snapchat is holding out for more money. With new offers coming in from the worlds 3rd largest internet company, behind Google and Amazon, the Chinese owned Tencent Holdings Ltd has made an offer closer to US$4b so why not hold out for more cash?

But that’s not really the question that needs to be asked.

What people should be asking is; Why does the NSA/CIA (Facebook) want to buy a company that, according to the Wall Street Journal has,

No sales…

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