The Psychological State of the State

Real News Australia

Societal Stockholm Syndrome – How the psychopathic nature of the nanny state came to nurture our state of mind.

By General Maddox.

With the election over, apart from a few squabbling electorates demanding recounts, Australia’s two-party system has continued to devolve to resemble a mongrel mix of zealous nanny state paternalism and oligopolistc corporatocracy. The mainstream media circus entertains and purports to inform, but presents content within strict boundaries that exclude serious criticism. And when truly independent thinkers occasionally manage to gain a foothold in the system, they are summarily ridiculed with ad hominem attacks in efforts to discredit the person and by extension, their ideas.

At present we have an education system that trains people to fit into the system. While the private education system provides better education than the state one, both still follow the same curriculum because all students still need to attain the same certificate…

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