Zombie Fears for G20 in Brisbane 2014

Real News Australia

By General Maddox.
In the lead up to the G20 being hosted in my home town of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, we see yet again just how much influential power the independent privately run group known as the G20 wield.

An annual fundraising event called the “Zombie Walk” aims to raise funds for the Brain Foundation of Australia who last year raised more than $55,000 from the event.

The “Walk” culminates at the RNA show grounds just to the north of the Brisbane CBD. However this area is part of the “Exclusion Zone” set up to protect the the delegates.

See this article here to learn more about the exclusion zone.

The most ridiculous part is that not only is the conference located on the other side of the city across the river but the Zombie Walk Fundraiser is a month before the conference takes place!

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