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Report gives the truth about climate at last



Climte book

THE issue under public discussion is that human-related carbon dioxide emissions are causing, or will cause, dangerous global warming.

The issue is not “is climate change happening”, for it always is and always has. Nor is it about whether carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas or not, because all scientists agree that it is.

Rather, the key question concerns the magnitude of warming caused by the rather small 7 billion tonnes of industrial carbon dioxide that enter the atmosphere each year, compared with the natural flows from land and sea of over 200 billion tonnes.

Despite well over twenty years of study by thousands of scientists, and the expenditure of more than $100 billion in research money, an accurate quantitative answer to this question remains unknown.

Scientists who advise the United Nations (UN) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) worry that a doubling of carbon dioxide over pre-industrial levels will cause warming of between 3 and 6 deg. Celsius, whereas independent scientists calculate that the warming for a doubling will be much less – somewhere between about 0.3 and 1.2 deg. Celsius.

Meanwhile, the scientific evidence now overwhelmingly indicates that any human warming effect is deeply submerged within planet Earth’s natural variations of temperature.

Importantly, no global warming has now occurred since 1997, despite an increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide of 8%, which in turn represents 34% of all the extra human-related carbon dioxide contributed since the industrial revolution.

Few of these facts are new, yet until recently the public have been relentlessly misinformed that human-caused global warming was causing polar bears to die out, more and more intense storms, droughts and floods to occur, the monsoons to fail, sea-level rise to accelerate, ice to melt at unnatural rates, that late 20th century temperature was warmer than ever before and that speculative computer models could predict the temperature accurately one hundred years into the future.

It now turns out that not one of these assertions is true. So who has been telling us these scientific whoppers?

The United Nations, that’s who; which is not surprising given that global warming long ago gained a life of its own as a mainstream political issue, quite divorced from empirical science – politics, of course, being what the UN is all about.

The IPCC has been charged with providing advice about global warming since 1988, publishing four major summaries of the scientific literature in 1990, 1995, 2001 and 2007 and with a 5th Assessment Report due on September 27th. Press coverage indicates that this report will concede that many of the environmental threats attributed to global warming by the IPCC have hitherto been exaggerated.

Meanwhile, and starting in 2003, a new independent team of scientists has been on the climate job, drawn from universities and institutes around the world and called the Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC).

In classic Green Team: Red Team tactical management style, the NIPCC has the role of providing an alternative Red Team view of the science of global warming, acting as a sort of “defense counsel” to verify and counter the arguments mounted for climate alarm by the IPCC’s Green Team prosecution.

NIPCC’s next report – entitled “Climate Change Reconsidered. II Physical Science”, will be released on September 18th.

The report summarises many of the thousands of scientific papers that contain evidence conflicting with the idea of dangerous human-caused warming. Considered collectively, the research literature summarised by the NIPCC shows that modern climate is jogging along well within the bounds of previous natural variation.

Faced with this reality check, it is not surprising that the UN apparently intends to tone down some of its earlier over-alarmist rhetoric.

Nonetheless, it remains the case that extreme natural climate events can cause great damage to both human communities and the environment. The task ahead, therefore, is to fashion a national climate policy that prepares for and adapts to all dangerous climate events, whenever they occur and of whatever origin.

Professor Bob Carter is an Emeritus Fellow of the Institute of Public Affairs and author of the book Taxing Air

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  1. All I see here is a lot of ‘hot air’.


  2. The average humans, and there are many, do contribute to, not Climate Change, but to the well known quote “shit in your own nest”.
    We do shit in our own nest as planet earth is our nest regardless of each individual plot…… it is a massive problem.
    The most obvious reason we S.I.O.N is because we are so controlled thru the advertising media that we now consume products way beyond our elementary survival needs.
    This continuous barrage by Corporations to prop up their bottom lines, consuming massive natural reserves and creating destructive pollution, is a major part of this pollution to our planet…. it’s us stupids that are conditioned to think we need all this on offer and explained to us by our ruling class as ‘progress’.
    In a reality check we do not need ‘progress’ as we are in a industrial civilization that is in decline and what we need is ‘clean air, water and food’….. it is merely history repeating as the great Roman Empire suffered the same demise.
    In other words….. yes, we do pollute this magnificent planet and we can change should we elect but we do not contribute to the ‘out of control’ stratospheric problems we now face that have been hidden under the sham of Carbon Tax driven by the Fabian Greens under the auspices of a world government agenda.
    The worlds military and their scientific boofheads have exploded some 1800 nuclear bombs since WW2, underground, under water, on ground and atmospheric that has caused unknown damage to our stratosphere….. will the devil tell tales?
    The worlds military have been experimenting with what is known as the H.A.A.R.P program that was plagiarized from Nikola Tesla’s science and now developed as weaponry under the shrill of ‘weather control’ that is also destroying our stratosphere.
    Without further raving on my part I would strongly suggest that people investigate the HAARP program and ‘aveageek at this site.
    Also a book by Jeane Manning and Dr Nick Begich explains the chronology of the HAARP science…. titled “Angels don’t play HAARP.”
    A free PDF download of this book is available here….,

    Click to access Jeane%20Manning%20and%20Nick%20begich%20-%20angels%20dont%20play%20thiss%20haarp.pdf

    Before you listen to the crap your ruling class drops onto your head go out and research as it is at your fingertips……. but it may not always be there as Smithy found out in Orwell’s book “1984”…….. Gus


  3. Anenome Ofglobalgov

    Enough is enough. FACT: There is NO global warming and there has not been for the last 16 (almost 17) years. FACT: The arctic ice has come back with a vengeance and is large than ever. LIE: That 97% of scientists’ papers on the topic believe that global warming is caused by man as reported by the IPCC recently. FACT: 1.6% only, claimed this.

    In a recent interview with Alan Jones, Lord Monckton personally researched this. The claim that 97% of science papers from 1991 onwards, researched by them, agreed that global warming was manmade, came from the University of Queensland. This deceipt has been stated all over the world. Whatever happened to that extinct species ‘the investigative journalist’? These days they are ‘fed’ the information that the public is needed to believe, and repeat the lies over and over around the world until the mass brainwashing has its effect.

    Ask yourself – is it even logical that despite the fact that the satellites have recorded NO global warming for the past 16 years although China during this period has spewed out mass increases of CO2 over that time, that almost all the scientists would still believe this?

    Find that interview for the exact details, it is actually even less, approximately 0.3% said ‘yes’ in their abstracts/summaries. We are being conned by a green mask, behind which is the excuse to milk us financially, control us on a world scale, and limit and confine us, remove all our private property and individual rights, in order to bring in the so-called New World Order (Global Government communist style) as proclaimed by George Bush senior. I have voted Greens for the last decade and have a B.Sc degree in biology through caring for the environment, but Friends, its time to acknowledge that the Environmental Movement was hijacked a long time ago by the globalists through entities like the Club of Rome (Al Gore is a member) for purely evil purposes. If we do not alert We, the People to this set up, the time is soon coming when it will be too late to stop this. We need to understand that our 2 party system has also long ago been hijacked and they are actually 2 cheeks on the same bum.


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