Climate Change Pushers Want Nukes In Australia

No Nukes
Here is yet another example of the Hegelian Dialectic in use. We have the man made problem of so called “climate change” cropping up again. The public are now very receptive and well trained through years of media manipulation and propaganda and react in the way they’re expected to. An expert in the field of “climate change” at the Adelaide University goes on the record and offers up the solution that the people who perpetuated the climate change global warming myth wanted in the first place.

That is … Nuclear Power for Australia!

This cannot be allowed to happen. Why you ask? Just type the word Fukushima into a search engine. There’s your answer.

This so called “expert” at the University of Adelaide has predicted the timeline for the nuclear rollout in Australia.

Professor Brook’s forecast timeline for nuclear power in Australia:

2020 – Public and political debate heightens as need for reliable low-carbon electricity mounts
2025 – First reactor contracts issued, Small Modular Reactors (SMR) built in outback mining sites
2030 – 3 GWe (gigawatt electrical) of nuclear power connects to national electricity grid
2040 – Up to 5 GWe of new capacity being installed per year
2050 – A total of 30-50 GWe installed, located at a dozen ‘energy park’ sites and various remote areas
2100 – >100 GWe installed for total energy displacement, including replacing oil and gas needs

As you can see, they clearly aren’t letting go of the already disproven global warming myth. Oh I mean anthropogenic climate change myth. Gee I wonder what it’ll be called next? Earth temperature fluctuation crisis perhaps? Who knows? Either way, be ready for the propaganda and watch out for that sneaky use of the Hegelian Dialectic again.

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