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Congratulations to those who have taken measures to protect your families from the health, privacy and cost impacts directly related to Smart Meters.

The facts speak for themselves, keep up the fight Victoria…….

INSTALLED                                                                                  NOT INSTALLED

67%  JEMENA                                                        33% OF 319,000                    105,270

69%  UNITED ENERGY                                       31% OF 640,000                    198,400

79%  SP AUSNET                                                   21% OF 640,000                    134,400

90%  POWERCOR                                                 10% OF 700,000                    70,000

91%  CITIPOWER                                                  9% OF 310,000                      27,900

GRAND TOTAL                             2,609,000                   535,970  not installed as of 8/08/13

That equals 20.5% of 2,609,000 that do not have a smart meter installed

20.5% of Victorians is enough votes to destabilize any government.  When will the Victorian Government stop and listen to its people?

The fact that some of the utilities have a large % still outstanding and with less than 5 months to go to the end of the year

this probably explains the apparent desperation and bullying tactics being employed.

In a democracy we have transparency, choice and continual dialogue – something the Victorian Government has failed on in all counts.

Thank you to all those who have supported SSMA as we continue to support all Victorians.

Original Herald Sun article linked here

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