Look Up Speak Up – The Chemtrail Issue



Look! Up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a chemtrail.

The debate on chemtrail vs. contrail has been going on relatively behind the scenes for over a decade now. Websites and social media pages exposing the chemtrail/geo-engineering programs visually and with written evidence or testimony from those within such geo-engineering programs are up against those that wish to debunk the issue.

Now there are groups all over the country, in fact the world who are willing to speak up after looking up and seeing them with their own eyes. See what exactly? A chemtrail. Ask anyone who is passionate about the issue and they’ll tell you that the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail is that a contrail dissipates after a few minutes. A chemtrail on the other hand lasts for many hours.

A contrail or condensation trail is simply water vapour that comes from jet engine exhausts. A chemtrail or chemical trail is a release of particulates into the atmosphere consisting of various chemicals and metals. See here for a previous article of mine listing them.

There are known weather modification programs going on all over the world. They were even carried out here in my home state of Queensland, Australia. In fact these programs have been recently approved by other state governments here in Australia for the Snowy Mountains region. So it’s not a case of IF these programs exist but WHY.

I had a chance to interview anti-chemtrail activist, Paul Mac, who has helped organise recent awareness and anti-chemtrail rallies in Melbourne. I was impressed by both the reach these groups have gained and the fact that so many everyday ordinary Australians have been noticing something strange going on in the skies above them.

The self confessed aviation enthusiast has been noticing the odd trails lingering in the skies for more than two years now. “I was skeptical at first but I researched it, made my own observations and decided that what people such as Dane Wigington (geoengineeringwatch.org) & Scott Stevens (Former mainstream media weatherman) were saying was actually correct”, said Paul.

But it didn’t stop there Paul was concerned enough to make contact with a colleague of his in Queensland who had started up the Australians Against Chemtrails group on social media site Facebook. “I started looking around to see what people were doing about the issue and quickly realised that there was a movement going on but nothing much happening in Australia”, he said. In an effort to mobilise people on the issue they created groups in every capital city. “We now have over 20 Facebook groups in major and regional centres throughout Australia as well as global affiliations”.

That’s all well and good but it’s fair to say that it’s a captive audience as those not interested in the issue or don’t know of the issue aren’t about to search for these pages on Facebook or look up the websites above. So that’s why there was a global protest and awareness campaign back in January and more recently a local awareness campaign for Australia and New Zealand on April 20, 2013.

As a result numbers within these groups are growing quickly and people are starting to look up but more importantly, speak up. “The public reaction to these protests in general has been mixed but mostly positive”, said Paul. “Over 10,000 leaflets with detailed information has been handed out to the public”.

I myself have seen chemtrails on a few occasions. Even shot a video on my way home of one in action. There was a big weather front on it’s way in from the west and i noticed the clouds looking strange. Odd colours and patterns that sort of thing. As I pulled over I saw a plane dumping it’s payload right across the path of the weather system. It then did another two runs each time spraying who knows what in the storms path and at angles ordinary passenger planes wouldn’t fly on. In addition the area in which this plane was spraying isn’t a flight path of commercial passenger planes. It was however right around the area of the Amberley Airforce Base.

Weather modification flights out of Amberley are not uncommon. A friend of mine who’s uncle visits the base for work has seen first hand “kitted up planes” pre-flight prior to the devastating Queensland floods and he wasn’t talking munition payloads under the wings either.

The truth of the matter is 99% of the time we don’t know exactly what is being sprayed on us. When airlines, governments and weather modification companies are asked in writing to disclose their methods and more importantly the ingredients of the aerosols the answer is either silence or a response explaining that the trails seen are just contrails. Their public policy of denial is evident.

Sounds about right considering the repercussions they face if its made public that all the heavy metals and other toxic substances falling down on us are edging us closer and closer to a global health crisis.

The U.S government has a long history of experimenting on their own military personnel and even worse the general public all in the name of “science” or “national security”. There have even been papers written by military personnel for the USAF discussing using weather as a weapon.

So what makes us think they wouldn’t do it again? Only this time it could very well be done under the auspices of saving the planet from global warming or is it climate change now?

Thing is… they are. Geo-engineering is the new “party line” but these so-called scientists aren’t playing politics. What they are playing with is the delicate eco-systems on this planet. Their stated goal is to dump, via aircraft released aerosols, 10 to 20 million tons of aluminium oxide nano-particles into our atmosphere to help block the suns rays in a deluded attempt to cool the planet.

Now does that sound like a good idea to you? Who’s to say that these tests or experiments with our atmosphere aren’t going on right now? There’s plenty of evidence to suggest it most certainly is. Oh… you didn’t see it? Try tilting your head up on a 45 degree angle next time you’re outside instead of looking at your iPhone and you might just see it.

And when you do…speak up! There are plenty of people willing to listen.


April 20, 2013 Melbourne protest video

Join the Australian Facebook protest page to stay up to date.

What in the world are they spraying?

Why in the world are they spraying?


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