***Breaking*** Boston Marathon Bombing

At approximately 3pm (EST) on Monday April 15 2013 two explosions occurred at the finish line of the Boston marathon.

As per usual details are sketchy to start with and major news networks love jumping to conclusions. On top of this the media loves to hype up the situation and perpetuate fear. There are varying reports raging from 2 explosions to 3 explosions, from 2 people killed to 12 people killed, from no suspects to an injured man in hospital under police guard, from 2 bombs to 4 or more.

ABC 24 in Australia delivered confirmation that there was another explosion and fire at the JFK Library on William T Morrissey Blvd in Boston and that this is a separate incident and appears to be the result of a fire in a newly renovated section of the library.

That didn’t stop network news stations like MSNBC linking it to the 2 explosions at the marathon finish line. This from MSNBC:

We are not certain these incidents are related, but we are treating them as if they are.

This quote was by Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

A third explosive device was reported to be found at the scene and was detonated under a controlled explosion. This in particular seems suspicious of foreknowledge. Keep that in mind when holes in this ordeal begin to appear.

Also a 4th device was reported found in a nearby hotel. But since this was reported, no further information or reporting has come of it since and I suspect is just fear mongering.

Everyone must be wary of what you’re seeing and hearing when watching or listening to main stream media on events like this. Listen to the words reporters use, listen out for the cues on who to blame, listen out for how they tie in or remind you of other similar events like 9/11. It was less than an hour from when I first turned on the TV before I heard them mention 9/11 as if to charge an emotional response in me and conjure up memories of previous coverage where within minutes of that event we heard therm label Osama Bin Laden as the man responsible.

If you’ve been keeping up with what the American government and Hollywood for that matter have been talking about in the past few years it’s not foreign groups that are the threat but “homegrown terrorists” are. Yes, that’s right. Returning veterans, Constitutionalists, Tea Party followers & Everyday American Gun Owners are now the new make believe threat.

No one has claimed responsibility for this bombing, no groups have come forward claiming victory over the “oppressive American regime”, there were no tip-offs or calls reported to have been made of a threat of a bomb(s). That too is highly suspicious and should be kept in mind when holes begin to appear in this event.

Please, PLEASE be mindful and don’t start propagating the dribble coming from main stream media. The truth will come out soon enough. Remember, by believing their lies you empower tyrants to enslave you and the real culprit of this ordeal will be you for enabling them. If you believe the official pronouncements about reality are equal to reality itself, you betray the truth.

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