Don’t Look. Won’t Find.


Allow me to pose this to you. Hypothetically speaking, say your government came out with a brand new lotion to spread onto your skin like a sunscreen, even ingest and promised you it would protect you from getting skin cancer, you would probably think it was a wonderful thing right? Why wouldn’t you? They hyped it up and made it sound like one of the greatest public health achievements of our time. So it must be great.


Inside this lotion there’s a special new chemical in it called ‘solaresium’ (yes I made that up) which everyone starts rubbing into their skin and ingesting to block the solar radiation. Now lets say this has been going on for a few decades. The government said it was so good that they even made it mandatory to use. However, over this time we start to see an increase in skin diseases, cancers of all sorts, chronic diseases etc…


The government makes available documents stating that ‘solaresium’ is perfectly safe thus putting the public at ease.


A vocal minority (as we’re labelled) starts asking questions like, “Can you show us all the scientific double blind studies proving the safety and efficacy of ‘solaresium’?”, to which the government simply responds with other government departments quoting safety standards provided to them by the manufacturers of ‘solaresium’. Essentially they don’t look for anything wrong with it so they of course won’t find anything wrong with it.


Now ask yourself, would you continue to rub this substance onto your skin and ingest it if it wasn’t proven to be safe?


Oh by the way if you want a Real World example of this scenario then simply replace my made up ‘Solaresium’ with the word FLUORIDE and you’ll start to see what I’m getting at.


Or better yet watch the new documentary film Don’t Look. Won’t Find. by Sapphire Eyes Productions, the producers of another great documentary film called Fire Water. Available on the Documentaries page.


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  1. Just on the Sunscreen bit. The titanium dioxide used in roof paint is the same stuff they use in sunscreen.


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