Brisbane Times propaganda piece criticises anti-fluoride movement among Qld Councillors

By General Maddox

February 22, 2013


John-Paul Langbroek. Photo by: Darren England Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)
An article published by Tony Moore, the senior reporter of (a Fairfax Company) is again a clear example of how the mainstream media manipulates public perception of water

fluoridation. The article in question here is heavily skewed towards water fluoridation proponents.

There is but one tiny sentence at the end of the article which offers readers a view of the other side of the fence. It reads;

Its opponents, including the Fluoride Action Network, say it should not be given to children and has caused increasing bone cancers in the United States.

Readers get the impression that it’s a problem for children in America. No mention of who the opponents actually are. There are literally thousands of professionals in the scientific community all over

the world from doctors to dentists, university professors to Nobel Prize winning Laureates whom are against the practice of water fluoridation.

The article mentioned instead goes on to show readers that a Federal MP, who was a practicing dentist in the 1980′s, believes that democracy got it wrong and that representative government failed us.

I beg to differ. It appears Councillors are now voting as their constituents are demanding. So far a total of 6 Queensland regional councils have voted to end putting toxic waste into our drinking water.

They are:

South Burnett

With Fraser Coast being the latest one as recent as February 20th. Now that many of the outer lying regions surrounding Brisbane are beginning to cease water fluoridation, it may be the domino

effect those of us in the anti-fluoridation community have been waiting for.

There is still much work to be done and 2 main factors are involved.

1) Creating awareness and educating the public about water fluoridation. Talk to people, bring the topic up and give them hard hitting facts. A good start is the Fluoride Action Network.

2) Pointing out the spin. If we can show examples of how the mainstream media is deliberately manipulating public perception and showing bias towards having our water poisoned, then it will be

easier to get through to people.

Another domino positioned to fall is the Gold Coast City Council region. If there is any chance of getting this toxic waste out of the Brisbane water supply this is it.

One other point people should understand is that those of us who are against water fluoridation have nothing to gain other than our health. Who knows, perhaps one day cleaner, safer water may be

enjoyed for years to come by all and our children will not have to worry about the side effects of this mass medication of the public.

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