‘The Contours of a New World Order are emerging but not yet apparent.’ Julia Gillard Aust PM


A message from Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Commitment to the United Nations is one of the three pillars of Australia’s foreign policy.

I am proud of Australia’s record at the United Nations. We are a founding member of the organisation. For Australia, a country with a long democratic tradition, the values of the United Nations Charter are central to how we conduct ourselves on the world stage and we strongly support the rules-based international order which the Charter underpins.

In the complex, inter-connected world in which we all live, countries cannot address the major challenges of today on their own. Australia seeks to be part of the solution to these challenges. We believe in the power of working together across national boundaries to forge creative solutions to common challenges. We respect good international citizenship. We value the United Nations as the forum that brings nations together to discuss and find ways to address peacefully the globe’s most pressing challenges.

The importance of the Security Council to the maintenance of international peace and security is as great now as it ever has been. Not since the founding of the United Nations have we faced such uncertain times, when the contours of a new world order are emerging but not yet apparent.

The Council needs members who are not only willing to support it with words, but also through deeds. Australia is a long-standing, reliable and consistent contributor to the UN’s work on preventive diplomacy, peacekeeping and peacebuilding. We have participated in more than 50 UN and other multilateral missions across the globe. We have led missions in our own region, in Timor-Leste, Solomon Islands and Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. We are the largest non-NATO contributor to the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.

The Council also needs members who can work effectively and cooperatively at the United Nations. Australia is a strong democracy built on a diversity of peoples from across the world. We are home to ancient, Indigenous cultures. We have embraced millions of migrants and refugees. We are a country of the Asia-Pacific region, an island continent bridging the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Our history and geography combine to give Australians a unique perspective: a perspective of both the North and the South. We would bring that unique perspective to the Council.

Our close partnerships with our neighbours – most of whom are developing countries – give Australians a deep understanding of the vital importance of development to human dignity and to stability. Australia is rapidly increasing its aid budget to meet today’s development challenges: our aid program has doubled in the past five years and will double again by 2015. We are building partnerships to create development opportunities for the world’s poorest. We are intensifying our efforts in the global fight to eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Australia is at the forefront of efforts to address today’s pressing global challenges. We are assisting small island developing states and others most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, taking a lead role in advancing disarmament and non-proliferation efforts and continuing our long-standing efforts to promote respect for international law.

I believe in our campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council in 2013-14 because I know that Australia has the capacity, energy and experience to make a strong, positive contribution to the Council’s vital work. I seek your support in this endeavour.

Julia Gillard
Prime Minister of Australia

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